5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington and Milton – Oct. 13 – Oct. 19


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of Oct. 13 - Oct. 19 based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inhalton.com.

5) Celadon House


Celadon House is an absolute gem of a restaurant that we discovered in the early 2000s before it moved to its current (and more spacious) location at Ford Drive and Royal Windsor. Specializing in what they call Asian comfort food, the dedicated (and incredibly friendly) husband and wife team behind Celadon House offer diners a personal and memorable restaurant experience. In terms of food, pretty much each and every menu item is comforting and delicious. Some choice favourites are the sweet and savory hunan dumplings (steamed pork dumplings covered in peanut and soy ginger sauce), the garlic rice and the superbly spicy mapo tofu. Another favourite dish is the coconut beef curry, which comes with melt-in-your-mouth tendon chunks. In terms of beverages, you have to try the coconut frappe and the ginger tea—both are delicious in very different ways.

4) Dragon House


Another Chinese take-out spot in Oakville! Large portion sizes that help you stretch your dollar and a lot of menu options to choose from. The chilli chicken is crispy and spicy, but their dim sum is simply fantastic! Chinese dim sum is cheap and even healthy if steamed. Dragon House has a few different dim sum options, but if you want to play it safe, try the 4 piece Pork Shu Mai for a fair $5.25. If you're a dim sum fan living in Oakville, this is definitely worth a visit!

3. Burro


Anyplace that serves light, yummy food (made from scratch) right up until last call is a winner in my eyes. The menu is 100 per cent gluten-free, making this downtown Brant St. resto a popular spot. I ordered three tacos: Spicy Brussels Sprout, Chipotle Sweet Potato, and Fish. The sweet potato taco was my favourite, with an awesome crunchy coating. I almost ate the whole thing in two bites. The Chorizo and Cotija Nachos are for sharing, though. All pickled items are made in-house, and their flavour combos are kind of rad. Great service, too. 

2. The Express


Downtown Burlington’s food scene just got a boost, Italian-style. The Express Italian Eatery has opened along Lakeshore Rd. at Brant St. and it’s serving up pizza, pasta, steak and seafood. The new restaurant opened last month in the former Salvatore’s spot. It's from Hamilton -- there's a location by McMaster University and another on Grays Rd. closer to Stoney Creek. Burlington is the third location. The Express is named after the train in Italy which weaved through Bolzano, Milano, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Calabria and Sicily. The menu represents a fusion of northern, central and southern Italian cuisine. What's in store? Made to order wood fire pizzas, fresh in- house pasta and hand tossed gourmet salads. You'll really want to get the Ravioli al Brasato di Manzo. Why? Pillows are stuffed with braised beef then topped with sauteed red onions and mushrooms. It's comfort food that's flavoured impeccably (and reminds me of my university roommate Tania’s pot roast ... gone Italian). The Gnocchi, made in-house, arrives in a dreamy, creamy Rose sauce. It's topped with fried sweet potato chips for a layer of texture. If you're into sharing, you'll want to order the Venetian pizza ($16). It's got a thin crust plus asiago, soppressata, fresh rapini and pepperoncino, made in-house. It's fantastic and perfectly crispy. Service is great, and here's something special for the ladies: They give out blankets on the patio if you’re cold (or inside when the A/C is blasting.

1. La Toscana


The food offerings here are Oakville-calibre … straight up. This beautiful, historic building used to be home to the Thompson House Hotel back in 1864. La Toscana owner Tony De Gaetano opened up in 1998 and has been serving up a little slice of Italy since, with incredibly fresh seafood, entrees, appetizers, and desserts. La Toscana is well-known for the oyster and martini bar. The atmosphere is equal parts cozy and sophisticated, while the dining experience is pure elegance. Calamari is grilled to perfection, served alongside tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and capers. Arctic char is a great pick from the grill, with lemon, potatoes, and carrots. The Spaghetti Bolognese blends house-made veal and beef sauce. It tastes fantastic, although this pasta isn’t made in-house (but the linguine is). There’s a great selection from Italy on the wine list. And for your post-main indulgence, three desserts are made in-house: tiramisu, creme brulee, and spumone, or espresso-flavoured ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce. Service is superb — ask about the original door when you go!

The 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of Oct.6 - Oct. 12 were based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inhalton.com. 

5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington and Milton - Oct. 13 - Oct. 19

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