5 Milton and Halton Hills Intersections With the Most Crashes in 2017


The car is king in Milton, Halton Hills and most other suburban towns, cities, or bedroom communities.

While it’s one of Canada’s fastest-growing towns, its disparate hubs are far apart and, most times, the bus just doesn’t cut it.

Because everyone and their brother has a car or six, Georgetown and Acton residents have to deal with some brutally congested rural intersections that suffer (and make everyone suffer) during rush hour and construction periods (#firstworldproblems, we know).

We’ve asked Halton police to look up the five intersections with the most collisions in 2017.

Let us know what you think of the results:

Derry Rd. W. and Thompson Rd. S.

Britannia Rd. and Trafalgar Rd.

Martin St. and Steeles Ave. E.

Steeles Ave. and Trafalgar Rd.

Guelph St. and Mountainview Rd. S.

What do you think is the worst intersection in Milton or Halton Hills?

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