African extortionist linked to bomb threat at Burlington school


Published December 1, 2023 at 10:06 am

A bomb threat that forced the evacuation of a Burlington high school last month has been linked to a person in Africa who wanted money.

Police agencies in Europe have arrested an individual in Morocco they believe is responsible for the threats that were received at Nelson High School and other parts of Ontario, as well as in Belgium.

Students of the Burlington school on New Street were forced out of classes and told to go home on Nov. 1 after receiving a warning that a bomb had been planted in the building.

After a thorough investigation, police say no bombs or any other potential danger was found at the school and classes resumed the next day.

The threat at Nelson was similar to ones received at schools in Toronto’s west end and eastern and northern parts of Ontario. That same day, bomb threats were also aimed at schools in Belgium.

Police say money was the motive behind the threats, as the suspect demanded to be paid in exchange for not detonating the explosives. No explosives were found anywhere in Ontario or in Belgium.

The Ontario Provincial Police are confident the person arrested is responsible for the threats made in Ontario. They are continuing their investigation and are working closely with Belgian police officials.

Officials have not named the person arrested and say the suspect admitted the actions to Moroccan authorities.

“There are no links to terrorism, they just wanted money,” police in Belgium told the media.

OPP investigators have not determined if the suspect will face charges in Canada.



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