Another All-Way Stop Has Been Installed at a Milton Intersection


It hasn’t been long since the new all-way stop at the intersection of Sauve Street and Menefy Place was installed in Milton. And since then, the town has announced that another all-way stop could be installed at the intersection of Santa Maria Boulevard and McLaughlin Avenue (this will go to council on July 22, 2019, for approval).

More recently, however, Milton announced that another all-way stop was installed in town.

This all-way stop, according to the town’s Twitter page, was installed at the intersection of Laurier Avenue and Vanier Drive.

In a previous inhalton article, from January of this year, it was noted the town of Milton was taking steps to improve traffic flow in certain areas.

The town has started to use an innovative traffic management system - the Miovision TrafficLink System - a system that uses specialized technology which helps engineers analyze traffic data to create more responsive and efficient traffic networks. This system, however, currently only targets the traffic flow at Thompson Road South, between Main Street East and Derry Road.

However, the town is still - and had taken steps to - working to make residential areas safer in regards to traffic. As noted in the previous article, Engineering Services examined the intersections of Laurier Avenue and Vanier Drive, as well as Sauve Street and Menefy Place to determine if the traffic in these areas warrant the installation of all-way stops.

A review found that the overall volume of traffic does indicate the need for all-way stops at both intersections.

The Engineering Service department also looked at the intersection of Livingston Road and Weller Crossing/Ellis Crescent. 

Based on the volume of traffic that runs east and west in comparison to north and south, staff have suggested that stop controls be reversed from eastbound/westbound to northbound/southbound.

A pedestrian crossover, according to the press release, is also warranted on the west leg of this intersection.

Do you think Milton is doing enough to keep its residential areas safe in regards to traffic?

Photo is courtesy of the town’s Twitter page.

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