App Developers Can Access Burlington Transit’s Real-Time Data


App developers will be happy to hear they can now access Burlington Transit's real-time data.

"It is important for the City of Burlington, and all municipalities, to embrace new technology and open data is an easy win,” said Mayor Rick Goldring.

In this day and age of openness and innovation and with all the tech-savvy people and organizations, there is a lot that can be done with this data like making useful tools for transit planning applications that will benefit everyone."

As of Sept. 3 it’s listed through the city's Open Data portal.

Previously, only Burlington Transit's scheduling and stop information was posted on the Open Data portal.

"There is a significant amount of data in our real-time data set,” said Burlington Transit director Sue Connor.

The right person or company can do a lot with that information and make our transit system more accessible across more digital platforms which means more people can use Burlington Transit quickly and easily. It's a win for everyone."

Open Data is the data provided via the city's website in raw form so that interested users can perform their own analysis on the data, or use the data to develop new and innovative desktop, web and mobile applications, or apps.

This information may also be combined with data available from other sources to provide useful new insights or applications that can be used by others, referred to as ‘mashups’.

The City of Burlington makes this data available in a variety of formats that can be easily used by common computer software packages and computer programming languages (machine-readable format), to ensure it is openly available to all interested parties.

The use of the data is subject only to the Open Data Terms of Use.

For more information about Burlington Transit, visit

For more information on the City of Burlington's Open Data, visit

Transit users can still access real-time information through and by calling 905-639-0550.

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