Best neighbourhoods in Oakville, Burlington and Milton for shoppers and foodies


Published November 27, 2023 at 10:18 am

Beyond just price and affordability, there are numerous reasons people choose to live where they do in Oakville, Burlington and Milton.

And two of the top reasons many homebuyers list as must-haves for their new home are local shopping and restaurants.

Canadian online real estate company decided to take a closer look at the neighbourhoods in Halton that meet the criteria of having great local shopping or restaurants.

First up is best areas for retail therapy.

“If you’re into shopping, then we have the perfect neighbourhoods for you,” said a spokesperson from Wahi. “From high-end boutiques to novelty bookstores to vintage clothing shops and more, we bring you the top-ranked areas in Halton for all your shopping needs.”

Best Neighbourhoods for Shopping

1. Freeman, Burlington: In this quiet neighbourhood, Burlington Centre is a popular shopping destination. The median selling price is about $800,000 ad properties are selling about three per cent under asking.

2. Waterfront, Burlington: Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, the quaint Village Square mall feels like a charming European square for curious shoppers. Median selling price is $679,000 and properties are selling about four per cent under asking.

3. Old Oakville: You get the best of both worlds in this part of town, Oakville Place with larger retailers and charming boutiques in the downtown area. The median selling price is $2.7M and properties are selling about three per cent under asking.

“If you’re into the food scene, then check out these top-ranked neighbourhoods for epicureans. These communities boast plentiful restaurants and cafes, many within walking distance. From fine dining to casual eats to cool coffee houses, there is no shortage of palate-pleasing places to eat in these areas.”

Best Neighbourhoods for Foodies

1. Old Oakville: Foodies will love the convenient access to a wide variety of eateries in this upscale neighbourhood. Strolling along the downtown corridor, you’ll find everything from sophisticated Italian cuisine to authentic Greek to traditional steakhouses.

2. Downtown Burlington: This lakeside neighbourhood has a restaurant scene that will keep you coming back for date nights, family outings or dinner with friends. Median selling price is $631,000 and properties are selling for three per cent under asking.

3. Old Milton: This charming community boasts an endless supply of restaurants, bars and cafes along the Main Street strip, many within walking distance. The median selling price is $938,000 and properties are selling for about two per cent under the asking price.

For more information on the best neighbourhoods in Halton, visit the Wahi website.

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