Brand New Attraction Opening in Burlington


There’s already plenty to see, eat, and do in Burlington.

And now there’s something new to add to the list.

A new Safari Science Centre is opening next week and you’ll find it in Burlington’s new Activity Plex.

The science centre is a place where families will enjoy things like interacting with animals and learning about science,” said founder of Safari Science Rob Ruthart. 

Our goal is to provide fun, entertaining and educational content to families to enjoy quality time together”.

The centre will offer after school drop-ins, morning toddler programs and weekend performances.

Guests can interact with live animals, do science experiments, create hands-on projects and watch live animal shows all within their own community.

We realized there was a real gap when it came to interactive family programs,” said Ruthart. “Most programs involve dropping kids off and picking them up. Our centre is unique in that it encourages families to bond and spend time together while they’re learning and having fun. As a bonus, it’s a break from screen-time.”

Safari Science Centre officially opens on May 14 and will be open seven days a week.

Click here for more information on programs and location.

Safari Science Centre

3410 Mainway, Burlington , Ontario

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