Breakfast, burger challenges require a huge appetite at Mo’s in Oakville


Published July 4, 2023 at 1:07 pm

Polish off the Ultimate Breakfast Challenge at Mo's Family Restaurant in Oakville in under 90 minutes and it's free. Many have tried, few have succeeded. MO'S FAMILY RESTAURANT PHOTOS

If you’re real hungry, looking for a free meal and up to a challenge, this Oakville restaurant may be just the place to stop in at.

Did we say real hungry?

Mo’s Family Restaurant can fill a big appetite at the best of times with their bigger than normal home cooked meals, but their Ultimate Breakfast Challenge and Crazy Scary Burger Challenge can be a real belly buster though light on the wallet if you’re up to the challenge.

If breakfast lovers can wolf down the Ultimate Challenge all by themselves in less than 90 minutes, the meal is free.

All you have to do is eat all of three slices of toast, three eggs, three pancakes, three slices of French toast, three sausages, three pieces of bacon, three pieces of ham, three orders of hash browns and polish off 20 oz of coffee or a 10 oz juice drink.

Come up short and the bill is $50.

“We’ve had a few do it and post it online,” said Mo’s Restaurant co-owner Jay Mohan. “We had a famous food challenge guy (Randy Santel) come here. He’s come in and finished the challenge in 45 minutes.

“We’ve had a few winners, but not as often as you think.”

Even more popular is the Crazy Scary Burger Challenge. In order to avoid the $50 price tag and get a free meal, you have to polish off a burger with three 12-ounce patties and loaded with sausage, mushrooms, onions and back bacon.

Oh, there’s also a large poutine and a one litre pop to finish. All seven pounds of food in under $45 minutes.

“It actually gets challenged quite often,” said Mohan. “More than the breakfast.”

The idea for the fun food challenges came from Mohan’s dad, Mo.

“My dad is known as a breakfast type of guy, so when he opened up this place here 15 years ago he wanted something that would bring people in,” said his son. “One of his ideas was ‘let me try this food challenge and see if we can get a younger crowd coming in on the weekends.’

“It started off as more of an advertisement type of thing, but now it’s a staple. When people ask about Mo’s, they automatically think of challenges or big portions.”

Located at 467 Speers Rd., the popular local restaurant has been serving up home cooked dishes from all day breakfast plates and a variety of burgers to roast beef, Austrian style schnitzel, steaks, ribs, fajitas, pasta and fish dinners.

“It’s home cooked meals and big portions,” said Mohan. “Whenever you come, you’re not going to leave hungry.”

If you’re looking to take on the challenge, Mo’s Family Restaurant is open seven days a week. Hours are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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