BREAKING NEWS: Milton Election Results


The moment has arrived. 

The Milton municipal election results are in. 

The winners are as follows.


Gord Krantz

Town Councillor Ward 1:

Kristina Tesser Derksen

Regional Town Councillor Ward 1:

Colin Best

Town Councillor Ward 2:

John Challinor

Regional Town Councillor Ward 2:

Rick Malboeuf

Town Councillor Ward 3:

Rick Di Lorenzo

Regional Town Councillor Ward 3:

Mike Cluett

Town Councillor Ward 4:

Sameera Ali

Regional Town Councillor Ward 4:

Zeeshan Hamid

According to the town of Milton, residents should be aware that these results are unofficial. 

Official results will be on display to the public at FirstOntario Arts Centre in Milton. 

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