Burlington closing City Hall among other facilities amid pandemic


Effective immediately, Burlington City Hall is closing its facilities and all employees will be working from home until further notice. 

However, there will be some exceptions for services that meet the following criteria: 

  • Are required to meet certain legislative requirements
  • Support employee and public health, safety and security 
  • Enable critical community services and supports, including COVID-19 mitigation and recovery
  • Support services necessary to keep essential services operating 
  • Protect and operate vital infrastructure 
  • Fulfill contractual, legal and financial obligations

Additionally, the Downtown Transit Terminal building is closed, all transit is currently free, and transit users are asked to board and exit busses using the entrances/exits at the back of the vehicles—if they are able to do so.

Moreover, building inspections will be limited and focus exclusively on emergency inspections, such as vehicle impacts, fire damage, unsafe buildings, footings/foundations, site servicing, etc. 

Further, the Halton Provincial Offences Act Courthouse is closed to the public, which includes access for stakeholders, defendants, public and enforcement agencies—essential services will continue to be carried out and an Intake Court Protocol has been put in place. 

As well, all sports field permits are suspended until further notice. Pick up games are highly discouraged, as residents are strongly advised to refrain from getting together in large gatherings to prevent spreading and contracting COVID-19. 

Cover photo courtesy of the City of Burlington’s Instagram

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