Burlington Explains That ‘TellCityHall’ Phone Call is Not From the City


Burlington is telling its residents that if they receive an automated phone call with the display 'TellCityHall' that it's not from the city.

In a recent blog post, Marianne Meed Ward noted that the call is regarding a survey on the carbon tax.

"My office was alerted to this earlier this month and my team investigated things further," Meed Ward said in a statement.

It was discovered that TellCityHall is a market research company based out of Edmonton, Alta. The company, as noted in the blog post, does surveys for the private and public sector.

"It is important the public is always informed, particularly when it comes to digital/phone surveys," Meed Ward said in a statement. "That is why I wanted to spread the word and awareness about this particular survey once I received notice about it from a local resident. If you have or someone you know has received a similar call from TellCityHall, please note it is not from your elected officials or staff here at City of Burlington. And you can help spread the word to others so that they become aware as well. Thank you."

Photo is courtesy of Meed Ward's website.

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