Burlington Has Two New Sculptures On Display


Construction of Burlington’s new multi-use pathway is currently underway.

The next phase is adding two new sculptures to brighten up a passerby’s day.

The two art pieces are call Portal and Main Squeeze.

Portal will be located in the new 300-m2 public space near Brant Street, between James Street and Pine Street. 

Main Squeeze is along the privacy fence between Elizabeth Street and Pearl Street.

They were installed last May.

Portal was created by Canadian art and design collective Studio F Minus. It is made from two 10-foot-diameter panes of glass. During the day, sunlight will bounce off the glass, casting a multicoloured reflection on the area.

In the evening, lights inside the sculpture will change colour and alternate between reflection and transparency.

Main Squeeze is also created by Studio F Minus. This is described to be a playful relief sculpture that will stretch across the 30-metre-long fence that runs along the multi-use pathway between Elizabeth Street and Pearl Street.

Studio F Minus was selected to be part of the team designing the new public areas in the multi-use pathway project.

Portal’s installation is planned to take three days. During that time, the northwest section of Parking Lot 5 on Brant Street will be closed, and access to the parking lot from Brant Street will be closed. The northeast section of the Parking Lot 5 will remain open and drivers can enter the lot from John Street.

Construction of the multi-use pathway project in downtown Burlington will continue during the summer.

An official opening to celebrate the completion of the project will be held in fall 2018.

Images and photos courtesy of the City of Burlington

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