Burlington heritage home saved from future demolition

Published May 1, 2023 at 1:14 pm

Burlington Historical Society photo

A heritage designation placed on a Burlington home will save it from demolition.

The home, known as the John Henry Walker Jr. House, is located on the street named after the family at 496 Walker’s Line.

Over the course of its recent history, the house had been under protection and then had that protection taken away in anticipation of a future tear-down and small development on the property. However, Burlington City council has restored the designation which will see it preserved.

The land, first settled by Philip and Susannah Walker in 1816, was in the Walker family for several generations. The home was built in 1913 by John and Beatrice Walker.

A report presented to council states: “The John Henry Walker Jr. House is a good representative example of an Edwardian style house with Queen Anne revival features. The property displays a high degree of craftsmanship, visible in the semicircular and segmentally arched windows on the building.  The property has historical value for its connection to the Walker family, who began farming in Nelson Township in 1816, 57 years before the Village of Burlington was formed. ”

When a site such as this receives such a designation it becomes protected under the Ontario Heritage Act that preserves the actual structure even though development can surround it.

In a statement on her website, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said that preserving and promoting the conservation of Burlington’s heritage is a priority for the City.

Specifically, she said the destination of the Waker House “presents an opportunity to incorporate a potential heritage property into a redevelopment — something we always endeavour to achieve, both development and heritage preservation.”



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