Burlington looking for feedback related to funding for recreation


Burlington's Recreation Services Department (RSD)--formerly the Parks and Recreation Department--is seeking feedback from residents regarding their new draft framework entitled: "Draft Framework for Community Recreation in the City of Burlington."

The framework will function as a guide for how the city will allocate tax dollars for things like future programming, facility development, and partnerships.

It's also intended to provide transparency related to how the city allocates resources and should make scheduling of ice, pool, gym and sport field time easier and more efficient.

However, before the framework can be finalized, the city is requesting input from the public regarding what programs the RSD should prioritize.

The online survey is available until November 12.

"We want to ensure we're offering the type of programs and services that benefit the population at large. It's good to check-in with our residents to make sure we're focusing on the right areas of recreation. Your input is important to shape our Framework for Recreation for our city," Chris Glenn, director of Recreation Services, said in a news release.

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