Burlington wants to install more park swings for those in wheelchairs


Published June 8, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Playground at Central Park in Burlington.

Burlington intends to increase its inventory of playground equipment that can be used by those with disabilities.

The immediate impact of the multi-user swing set installed at Central Park, one that accommodates children in wheelchairs, shows similar equipment is needed elsewhere in Burlington, says Mayor Marianne Meed Ward in an interview with Khaled Iwamura of inhalton.com.

“We want to make sure that all of our parks and buildings are fully accessible and welcoming to all of our residents,” said the mayor adding the recent installation of the swing at the New St. park is a step in that direction. “We will be looking at other locations to see where we can install these kind of swings.”

The Central Park swing has been praised for its ease of use which allows family members to participate with their children. As well, groups that advocate on behalf of the disabled have praised Burlington’s decision to take action in providing services for all residents.

The mayor said the City has worked closely with the volunteers of its Accessibility Advisory Committee to find the equipment that so far appears suitable to community members.

“It is one step of many that the City will do to make sure that we are fully welcoming and accessible,” she said. “When you make your City fully accessible to those who use mobility devices you make it better for the entire community

The multi-user swing at Central Park was supported through funding from the Patrick J. McNally Charitable Foundation.

As well as accommodating children in wheelchairs the swing installation also includes a communication board for those who are non-verbal. A rubber safety surface has also been set up around the swing.

The swing is the second of its kind to be installed in Ontario.

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