Burlington Won’t Ticket Drivers Who Give Money to Panhandlers


After discussing the issue for several weeks, the City of Burlington has announced that no bylaw will be passed to fine drivers who give to panhandlers in Burlington. 

On Sept. 18, the said it's not pursuing a bylaw related to ticketing drivers giving to panhandlers on Burlington streets. 

On Sept. 10, a staff report on panhandling went to the Planning and Development Committee for discussion. 

Burlington says there is no city staff direction related to targeting and ticketing drivers donating money to panhandlers. The city says there was an amended motion put forward at that meeting that was not approved by Burlington council; that motion was to report back to the committee by the end of 2019 on the possibility of a by-law that would target drivers donating money to panhandlers at city intersections.

Going forward, the city says it will continue to work with the Halton Poverty Roundtable (which is part of United Way) as part of its broader communication to residents about poverty. 

It will also update the city's website to provide information on how residents can assist those in need, including donating money.

"The city will share ways to help via social media and the City Talk newsletter," the city said in a news release, adding that it will also prepare communication material for ward-specific newsletters with information for residents about this issue.

Burlington also says it will continue to work with the Halton Regional Police to monitor panhandling. 

"Burlington City Council shared their concerns on the well-being of all who need help in Burlington, and was clear through its deliberations that the end goal is to get the most support to those who need it, and that donating to active local charitable organizations is important to ensuring the best results from the community," the city said. 

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