IKEA Canada is actively working to help women and children across Canada.
The provincial government is partnering with the Halton Region and other municipalities to take on the illegal cannabis market.
If you’re a student in Halton, you may either own or have thought about owning a Student Price Card. Now SPC is teaming up with a major bank to give students more benefits.
We’ve said this time and time again, but the city of Burlington is constantly growing. And now, one company with headquarters in the city is also growing and preparing for a massive expansion.
In just a matter of days, a Burlington-based business will be launching an incredibly unique security app. 
Have you ever thought about changing careers in Halton? If you have, you’re not alone!
The city of Burlington has been recognized a lot recently for a number of its incredible restaurants.
If you’ve ever been involved with an aggressive telecoms sale, and all the negative interactions that come with it, you’re not alone.
Halton’s seniors are slowly moving towards bigger cities, and the housing market will inevitably change as a result.
If you are an owner of a Chase Bank credit card in Halton, you may want to check your balance!