Great news for consumers!
It's official—Sears Canada is shuttering all of its stores.The news, though incredibly disappointing for the brand's over 12,000 employees, is not at all surprising.
The resume has been triple-checked for typos, a fresh navy blazer is hanging in the walk-closet at your home in Burlington, and you're ready to impress your new boss.
Sad news - Haltonites can no longer order some of their favourite coffee products from the comfort of their own homes - a huge coffee chain has suddenly ceased all online retail operations. 
You know how the old saying goes -- when one pub closes, another one opens.
If you work in Halton, or you live in Halton but work outside of it, you may have noticed that many employers are trying to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces - or, at least, you’ve h
Beards are perfect for hiding an extra 10 pounds from all that summer cheers-ing or feigning deep thought when an intelligent woman asks an excellent question, and now men in Burlington have a new
Lottery winners are prevalent in the west GTA, and while we are a lucky region, understanding how to manage a large sum of money is important for anyone who receives an unexpected financial windfal
Italian food lovers, prepare to weep.A popular Burlington restaurant - which has been around for more than 10 years - has officially shuttered its doors for good.
It's no secret that the retail world is in flux and that, at a time when more and more people are turning to e-commerce, brick and mortar retailers—even iconic ones—are struggling to keep pace.