While there's no shortage of things to do in Halton this summer, there are some attractions you just have to visit outside the city.
It looks like an incoming road construction project will increase the number of connections from Oakville to Burlington, with the provincial dollars to back it up.
Travel and fashion are a perfect match with almost half of all global travelers agreeing that looking their best while on vacation is important (48%).
During the June election, Doug Ford’s Conservatives ran on a promise that they would streamline government services and find efficiencies, specifically up to $6 billion worth of it.
Most Canadian workers spend their lunch breaks ‘screened-in,’ a new poll finds.
It's no secret that diners throughout the GTA are adventurous and therefore always on the hunt for unique, local food items and a memorable and well-rounded dining experience that they won't soon f
Why wait three days for a book and some toilet paper when you can wait one day?
If you’re a sucker for Mickey Mouse and all of his friends and you want to head to a Disney theme park soon, there’s a huge discount waiting for you.
The idea of “Mobility Hubs” around Burlington’s three GO stations was introduced last Dece
They’ve got beautiful beaches, 60 miles of fun, and gators for days.We’ve got a picturesque waterfront, green space, and oodles of fabulous food.