A new popular food chain is coming to the Burlington Mall.Five Guys.
The Burlington Centre, formerly known as Burlington Mall, is celebrating two milestones this weekend.
Good news for pizza lovers (everyone).If you love a good pizza, and let's be real who doesn't, you'll be happy to hear about this new restaurant opening. 
While there are an abundance of scenic areas in Halton, sometimes, you have to leave the region to explore a unique attraction.
If you love shopping for slightly more affordable luxury goods (and who doesn't?), you might be very happy to hear that a slew of new higher-end stores are about to open in Toronto Premium Outlets
There’s a relaxed new eatery in Burlington and it’s perfect for cottage lovers.You can’t miss the Muskoka chairs.Or the name — it’s a familiar one from Port Carling.
One of the most highly-anticipated retail openings is almost upon us.
We hear a lot about new stores and restaurants in Burlington, but that kind of news never gets less exciting.
Summer is the perfect time to pig out on Jamaican fare in Burlington.It’s hot so you might as well make your taste buds tingle.And now, there’s a new place to do just that.
We hear a lot about new stores and restaurants in Burlington but it never gets less exciting.