With baby boomers aging, there are a lot of elderly drivers on Canadian roads.
Shoppers who regularly frequent major superstore chain Walmart in search of good deals should be happy to hear that they can save a little extra cash (just a little, but every bit counts) when orde
If you have a cell phone, you’ve likely received spam text messages before.
It’s the end of summer and extremely high water levels - plus plenty of rain - are continuing to damage the shoreline, likely making your favourite spots to frolic in Burlington still unsafe.
Drivers are being advised to take detours due to an investigation after an early morning fire in Burlington on
Peace, love, and co-existence are on the table as a fun festival takes place in Burlington this weekend.
Emergency crews are on scene at a suspicious church fire in Burlington early Wednesday.The blaze broke out at Trinity Baptist Church, at 4372 Appleby Line, at 1:18 a.m.
Joys of childhood include singalongs, sugar, and toys galore … celebrate being a kid in Burlington this weekend.The 26th annual Children’s Festival is taking place on Sunday.
First high water levels, now this — a suspected algae bloom has closed a popular Milton destination.Boating and swimming are closed, until further notice, at Kelso Beach.
It may come as a surprise (or not) to know that the Ontario government is delivering on the grand promise of balancing the budget this year.