Halton’s seniors are slowly moving towards bigger cities, and the housing market will inevitably change as a result.
A new study shows that Canadians between the ages of 25 to 34 will have a much harder time buying a home.
According to a previous inhalton article, the recent increase of home sales in Canada is expect
The construction of a massive building in Burlington is starting very soon.
It was noted in a recent inhalton article that, when it comes to real estate, prices are
Although the housing market isn’t quite as wild as it was a little over two years ago, home prices are high and it doesn’t look like buyers (particularly first-time buyers) are going to get a break
A recent CIBC news release from l
In May of this year, real estate sales in Canada started to creep closer to the historical norm.
The Ford government is increasing the 
This Place: This beautiful Burlington house is one you won’t want to miss.