If you are—and you happen to be fabulously wealthy—you might be happy to know that 10 very expensive homes are waiting for brand new owners to call them their own.
It's no secret that real estate is extremely valuable in Burlington and surrounding cities, and even though most people are aware that property is costly to purchase, not everyone takes annual prop
The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has upheld Burlington city council's decision to refuse a development proposal.
The last few years have seen unprecedented urban development in Burlington, with a vocal number of residents suggesting that all the densification is driving small businesses from the downtown core
While the real estate markets in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and beyond have become known for their costliness, the overall GTA market actually remained somewhat steady in terms of price fluctuati
The numbers are in.
If you're about to go house hunting in Oakville, Burlington or Milton this summer, you are not alone—people are overcoming their real estate (fears spurred by a volatile 2017 and subsequent govern
Although there are lots of new developments happening around Burlington lately, there are also moves to redevelop existing residential neighbourhoods as well.
The housing market has been a hot topic for a while now. And things still don't look too bright.
For those of you already well into, or quickly approaching, your golden years, there is a new condo development that might be just right for you…or not, depending on how you feel about high-rise co