Burlington's conservation project to receive tree donations from Hamilton


A Hamilton city councillor is offering to pick up your undecorated real Christmas tree personally this week.

Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr tweeted Tuesday (Jan. 7) that if residents in his ward wanted to put their old Christmas trees to good use, he’ll be swinging by Friday (Jan.10) between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. to collect them for the Royal Botanical Gardens’ (RBG) barrier drive.

The barrier drive started late in December and runs to January 13 (or until the RBG collects enough trees).

The trees assist with conservation projects at Princess Point and Grindstone Creek in Burlington.

The strategically placed Christmas tree barriers help the RBG to rebuild creek channels that have disappeared as a result of the invasive non-native common carp becoming prevalent in Hamilton Harbour.

Rebuilding the creek channel allows RBG to work towards restoring the floodplain ponds by protecting them from the destructive activity of the carp.

The City of Hamilton also sends old Christmas trees to Courtcliffe Park in Carlisle where efforts are underway through Conservation Halton to rehabilitate the site which has seen development projects disturb the habitat of several cold-water fish species.

Residents hoping to have their trees used towards these projects are asked to place them at the curb and ensure the trees have been cleared of all decorations and that they’re not wrapped in plastic.

Those in Ward 2 hoping to have Councillor Farr pick up their tree can email him their address for pick up.

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