If you love Portuguese chicken, you might be happy to hear that a popular restaurant is expanding and has opened a brand new location in Oakville.

There's a new place in Burlington to quench your thirst.

And it's just in time for the dog days of summer.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea opened up in Burlington Mall last month.

Ramen in Oakville is now a thing, y’all.

If you love dairy -and lots of it- you’d better keep reading … there’s a new dessert option in Burlington.

And it’s just in time for the official first day of summer.

You already know how much we dig the food across Oakville and Burlington.

Well, the only thing better than eating at a Halton restaurant is dining outdoors on a patio or terrace.

You can now stuff your face with samples and get a loaf of that amazing sourdough bread at a popular tourist destination in Toronto — an Oakville-based bakery is opening another location in t

Sad news, Oakville.

A popular tea and coffee joint in town has shut its doors.

We could’ve worked outta here all day, errryday.

An iconic Burlington restaurant has shuttered its doors for good.

And its unique patio now sits empty.

There are two things Burlington are known for: its waterfront and awesome festivals.

Drivers in downtown Burlington, this one's for you.

And it involves going digital.