Certain Areas of Oakville are Going to be Easier to Get Around


Change can be scary.

But sometimes, it’s for the best. 

Residents of Oakville may have an easier time getting around Kerr Street, and surrounding areas, in the future.

A new project commencing in 2019 is aiming to enhance the way people travel through the town.

In collaboration with Metrolinx, Oakville is working to renovate and widen Kerr Street, between Speers and Wyecroft Road. 

As a result, two northbound and southbound lanes will be able to be created. 

This will include a right turning lane at Speers Road, and dual southbound left turning lanes along with a northbound left turning lane at the Wyecroft Road intersection.

Shepherd Road will also be improved with both southbound and northbound left turning lanes.

The project will also include building an underpass, under the rail corridor between Speers Road and north of the QEW (the Lakeshore West GO line), with the hopes of increasing Metrolinx Go service levels on the Lakeshore West line. 

Traffic flow in the area will, ideally, benefit as a result of the Kerr Street underpass project. 

Initial work on the project will begin in 2019 and the building of the underpass could start in the spring of 2020 at the earliest. 

Another part of this project is the streetscape design, deciding on street furnishings and different elements including railings, lights, poles, etc. for Kerr Street, starting from the rail crossing, south to Speers Road.

The Town of Oakville used public consultation to determine the favoured streetscape elements.

Some of the preferred elements include pavers, selected railing, selected bike rings, and benches. Visit the town of Oakville website to view the complete list. 

On Oct. 1, 2018, these elements will be presented to the Planning and Development Council in order to be confirmed. 

The overall project is expected to be completed by 2023.

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