City Likely to Reject Proposed Condo Development in Burlington


This is one residential building that may not see the light of day in Burlington.

Back in February and March of this year a number of Burlington residents received notice letters regarding a development application. This was a result of the city receiving applications from MHBC Planning, on behalf of LIV Communities, to re-designate and rezone the property located at 1085 Clearview Ave., and 1082, 1086, and 1090 St. Matthew’s Ave.

If the applications are approved, this would permit the development of a six-storey residential building that would consist of 162 dwelling units at a density of 258 units per hectare. In addition, according to the city, a total of 204 parking spaces have been proposed with 154 being located underground and 50 being surface parking spaces.

Access to the site is proposed from Masonry Court.

Furthermore, according to the city, the east side of the development is proposed to be terraced back from the 3rd to 6th storeys, and the west side of the development is proposed to be terraced back from the 5th to 6th storeys.

However, there are some issues with the application.

The property in question is currently zoned as residential - low density, along with the city’s current official plan designation also being residential - low density. As a result, the application is looking to change the official plan designation and the site-specific zoning to residential - high density.

With that being said, as mentioned, this may not see the light of day. 

According to the city, building staff has reviewed the applications, and comments from the public and technical agencies regarding the applications. Staff will be recommending that council refuse the proposed amendments.

Residents have been invited to attend a public meeting regarding this recommendation.

The meeting will take place on July 9, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., at the Council Chambers (Level 2) located at 426 Brant St.

What do you think of this recommendation?

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