City of Burlington worker fired after photos go viral


An unnamed City of Burlington employee has reportedly been fired after photos emerged of a municipal vehicle seemingly parked in an accessible parking spot at the Costco at 1225 Brant St.

This past weekend, several Burlington residents informed city officials through various social media platforms about a member of the City’s Parking Services team abusing accessible parking spaces specifically reserved for persons displaying a valid accessible parking permit,” said Vito Tolone, the city’s Director of Transportation Services.

City of Burlington staff and their contractors are well aware of the behaviours and code of conduct expected when performing their jobs.” 

Tolone called the actions of the individual in question “completely unacceptable and out of line with the values expected of Burlington city staff”.  He added that “all municipal parking bylaws are to be followed by everyone, with no exceptions”.

Staff confirmed it has followed up with disciplinary action and the individual involved will no longer be working for the City of Burlington.

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