City officials looking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after first confirmed case in Burlington


The coronavirus virus has come to Halton. 

Earlier today, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced—a doctor from Burlington. 

As a result, the City is taking steps to steps to contain the spread of the virus, including: 

  • City resources are being allocated to increase cleaning and disinfecting, with specific focus on high-traffic touch points. This will include increasing the cleaning and disinfection of common contact points such as door handles, customer service counters, elevator buttons and handrails, water filling stations, meeting rooms, lunchrooms, POS machines, vehicle steering wheels, door handles, etc.
  • The City is increasing Healthy Hands stations (alcohol-based hand sanitizers) in our facilities
  • As is normal practice, disinfectant wipes are available for Transit operators to clean the driver's area on the bus they are assigned to. Additional cleaning and disinfecting strategies are being considered.
  • Information posters will be up in City facilities to inform both the public and our staff about steps to take to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission.
  • A rapid response team has been created at the Citythat includes staff from across the organization. The Team's purpose is to review the latest information received from provincial, regional and public health sources and advise on appropriate actions needed related to City activities.
  • After careful consideration, Burlington's Teen Tour Band nine-day trip to Myrtle Beach for the Can-Am Days parades and concerts has been cancelled. The bus trip to Myrtle Beach would have taken the band through at least 2 states that have currently declared states of emergencies in order to deal with COVID-19. The decision was made out of the abundance of caution to ensure the safety of band members, volunteers and staff based on the information we have at this time.
  • The City continues to investigate technology and best practices for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • City staff have been directed that all travel for conferences and other work-related trips for out of country that have already been booked should be cancelled.
  • City staff have been directed to hold on booking any out of province travel for work.
  • City staff continue to be advised to stay home if feeling sick.

According to a release from the city, the best ways to prevent contracting the virus are for people to frequently wash their hands with soap and water—or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available; avoid touching your face, including your nose, eyes, and mouth; avoid contact with people who are sick and stay home if you yourself feel sick; cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze; and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. 

"I know our residents will be very concerned and have a lot questions over today's news from Halton Region of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our Region, specifically a Burlington resident. The health and well-being of our community is the top priority for Burlington Council and everyone at City Hall. We are taking a series of immediate steps to stay on top of this rapidly evolving situation, including daily internal briefings, daily monitoring of announcements and advice from our healthcare professionals, cancelling non-essential travel, and updates on a dedicated webpage linked directly from the City of Burlington's homepage providing the most up to date information and links to healthcare information,” Marianne Meed Ward, mayor of Burlington, said in the release. 

We encourage everyone to stay up to date with the medical information being released by our healthcare professionals. It is important that we all act responsibly and support one another. If you are symptomatic, please contact Halton Region immediately and self-isolate. We all have a role to play to create an environment in our city where people feel comfortable seeking treatment and asking for help. Take care of yourself and each other,” she continued. 

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