City staff investigating odour at meat processing plant in Burlington


Have you smelled a peculiar odour in this area?

City staff and council, including Ward Councillor Paul Sharman, are investigating after receiving a large number of complaints about an odour emitting from Sofina Foods, a meat processing plant at the intersection of Harvester Road and Appleby Line.

According to a recent statement, Sofina Foods is attempting to determine the origins of the odour, and has been working with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks to find a resolution.

On Friday, October 11, a ministry order was issued to the company requiring them to remove waste sludge from the property within three hours of filling a tanker trailer, in order to quickly improve the smell of the area.

Ministry staff have been to the property multiple times to look into the odours and to discuss what the company is doing to control them. As there are several sources of odours at the property, the company has hired a consulting firm to assess the sources.

Residents are encouraged to report any odour near the area to Sofina Foods at 289-834-3543.

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