CLOSURE: Very popular restaurant in Burlington shuts its doors for good


Another COVID-19 casualty has hit Burlington. 

Emma’s Back Porch & Water Street Cooker, located on Lakeshore Road, has announced it will be closing its doors for good. 

Having served the community for the last 30 years, the iconic, waterfront restaurant was unable to survive the province-mandated shutdown that has resulted in many other businesses—especially restaurants—going out of business. 

So many memories, friendships and occasions to be celebrated, too many to count. We sincerely appreciate that you have celebrated all of these moments with us. We feel we have been a part of your families and are so thankful for your patronage over the years,” reads a statement from the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

We have employed so many amazing young people over the years and have enjoyed watching them grow into adults and leaders. We were just getting to know the second generation of those same people. We will miss them dearly,” the statement continues. 

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