Completion of commercial stores in new Oakville subdivision a concern for councillor


Published June 14, 2023 at 5:27 pm

Plans for a new subdivision near Bronte Rd. on what was once a public works yard by Halton Region received the go-ahead at a Oakville Council meeting earlier this week.

The development proposed by Bronte Green Corporation for the property, located at the northwest corner of Charles Cornwall Ave. and Queens Plate Rd., was passed unanimously by Town council.

The subdivision will include six lots for new detached homes along with a block for six townhouse units. Two reserve blocks will be merged with the abutting subdivision.

The proposed plan of subdivision implements an OMB decision back in July of 2017 which amended Livable Oakville and rezoned a larger area comprised of the former Saw Whet Golf Course, lands west of Bronte Road, and the subject property, which was also partially occupied by a stormwater management pond.

Ward 1 Town and Regional Councillor Sean O’Meara expressed concern as to when the commercial portion of the plan will be completed, ensuring people have stores nearby to get what they need.

“Is there anything in the future when the commercial portion is going to be developed so that the people living there don’t have to drive kilometres and kilometres away to get a bag of milk or have the kids get a chocolate bar,” he said.

“Is there anything on the horizon when they’re going to be moving on that commercial portion?”

Senior Planner Paul Barrette said he wasn’t sure when it would be built.

“I can speak to the zoning of the site and what’s permitted, but not the timing,” he said.

O’Meara wasn’t satisfied with the answer and asked if one of those proposing the development was on hand to answer his question.

Applicant Catherine McEwan, an Associate at Korsiak Urban Planning, said the commercial block is a standalone and is not part of this application.

She also wasn’t sure of the timing.

“Absolutely it is intended that that will be delivered as a commercial block,” said McEwan. “It was a standalone block, so it was not needed to be part of this draft plan application.”

O’Meara asked that the developers be able to follow up or send communications through staff as to when the commercial block will be built.

Kevin Singh, vice president, Development at Argo Development, said plans for the commercial block were already underway.

“I can advise that we do indeed have every intention of proceeding with the development for that commercial block,” said Singh. “We’re currently in the midst of conducting analysis to essentially figure out what would be the best use for the commercial block with what the neighbourhoods needs would be, so that is currently underway.”

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