Construction back on track for Burlington bikeway project

Published May 9, 2023 at 9:18 am

bike way cycle lane car traffic construction Burlington

After several delays, construction has resumed along Plains Rd. in Burlington for the protected bikeway and resurfacing project.

The project began in June of last year but has faced several technical delays as well as those caused by a nationwide concrete shortage.

When complete, along with the bikeway, the protected bike intersections will be the first of its kind in Burlington. Designed to increase physical separation from motor vehicles, it is also expected to improve sightlines, reduce the likelihood of highspeed vehicle turns and significantly reduce the distance and time during which cyclists are at higher risks of an accident with a vehicle.

As well, built into the project will be the installation of a rain garden at the intersection of Howard Rd. and Plains Rd. W. that features 18 new trees and a variety of different grass species and flowers.

This rain garden is expected to improve and enhance stormwater conveyance and quality before discharging into the area’s freshwater systems. It will also serve as a cooling and retention system lowering the temperature and reducing the volume of stormwater entering storm sewer systems and creeks. This promotes fish habitat and reduces algae bloom, as well as reduces stress on sewer systems during storm events.

Construction will include the relocation of streetlights and all concrete work on the north side of Plains Rd., from Spring Gardens Rd. to Waterdown Rd. Following the concrete work, paving will begin on the bikeway, driveways and road.

Other work involves resurfacing the road, curb and sidewalk replacement, landscape regrading, installation of a bus pad and street lights, hydro pole relocations and other upgrades.

Construction will continue throughout the summer.


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