Council Considering More Leash-Free Areas in Burlington


The City of Burlington is looking for residents’ opinions on adding more leash-free areas in the city.

The city currently has three public leash-free areas:

  • Roly Bird Park (2203 Industrial St.)
  • Norton Park (4275 Dundas St.)
  • Bayview Park (1800 King Rd.)

"Leash-Free Areas are great amenities in our parks,” said Rob Axiak, the Manager of Recreation Services. “They encourage play and socialization for all. We also know there are challenges when developing new Leash-Free Areas, and with the general operation of them.  We are looking for your input, ideas and opinions regarding our Leash-Free Areas and the current criteria we use when new requests come in. We are calling on all residents to help shape our Leash-Free future."

The current criteria used when the public expresses interest in requesting a new leash-free area includes:

  • Parks must be within Burlington’s boundaries.
  • Leash-free areas must be at least 0.3 hectares (60 metres x 50 metres).
  • All leash-free parks must be enclosed with permanent fencing, which the city will provide as part of the budget process.
  • An assessment will be made to whether parking will be required at a proposed leash-free site, based on the size of the leash-free site, location and any disruption to park function.
  • A significant barrier must exist between leash-free areas and children’s playgrounds, splash pads, sports fields, waterfront, cemeteries and residential housing.
  • The areas cannot be located beside schools or in the city’s waterfront parks.
  • The area must be accessible to the public for year-round use.

The survey will look for resident feedback on the criteria, along with any suggestions on the requirements that residents may have. 

The current rules for dog owners to follow in the leash-free areas include:

  • Being responsible for the actions of a dog.
  • Ensure control of the dog at all times, whether on or off the leash.
  • Stay with a dog at all times.
  • Owners should carry a leash at all times.
  • A maximum of two dogs per owner is allowed off the leash at one time.
  • No aggressive dogs are allowed.
  • Pick up and dispose of a dog’s waste.
  • Dogs must wear a current licence tag on their collar and have current vaccinations.
  • Pit bulls must be muzzled and leashed at all times as per the Dog Owners Liability Act.

You can visit to review the criteria and provide the city with feedback and suggestions.

What do you think about more leash-free areas in the city?

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