Councillor wants Town of Milton to ban dangerous sport of kite fighting


Published September 5, 2023 at 3:19 pm

Milton Regional Councillor Sameera Ali wants the Town to ban kite fighting, before it becomes a big problem.

Kite fighting is a game that involves kite flyers trying to cut another player’s line. The final kite remaining in the air is the winner of the fight.

“The game poses serious safety concerns, as it typically involves super-sharp string to attack and cut opponents kite lines and players usually replace regular kite string with sharper material like metal filament, piano wire, fishing line and line coated with glass fragments,” said Ali in her motion that will be heard at Monday night’s Town Council meeting.

Ali said numerous Milton residents have reached out with complaints of sharp glass coated strings harming local wildlife and in one instance slicing a side view mirror right off a residents car.

“The Town of Oakville recently banned kite fighting which will just push it into Milton,” she wrote.

Ali’s motion asks Town staff bring back a report before next spring regarding options for the enforcement of fighting kites including, but not limited to, the proper disposal of kite strings and the potential to ban fighting kites within the Town on public and private property.

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