Crossing guards removed in two Oakville neighbourhoods for this school year


Published August 30, 2023 at 4:36 pm

Four new crossing guard locations in Oakville have been approved for this year's school season. INHALTON PHOTO

Students in two Oakville neighbourhoods will have to make do without crossing guards when they head to school next week.

Existing crossing guards at the intersection of Dorval Dr. and Mary St. and at Bridge Rd. at Valley Dr. have been removed in a move recommended by the Town’s Transportation and Engineering Department and approved by Council at a meeting earlier this month.

The two locations have failed to meet the minimum warrant compliance for two consecutive school years and are no longer eligible according to the Town of Oakville Crossing Guard Police (i.e. posted speed limit on roadway changed to 60 km/h).

The crossing guard at Dorval Dr. and Mary St. helped students from St. Thomas of Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, W.H. Morden Public School and St. James Catholic School cross the intersection located east of the schools.

The crossing guard at Bridge Rd at Valley Dr. often dealt with students from Nicholas Catholic Elementary

The Town has also approved four of the six requested new guard locations for the 2023-24 school year. That brings the number of approved crossing guard locations to 98 in Oakville.

Crossing guards will now be implemented at the intersections of Grand Oak Trail and West Oak Trails, Glenashton Dr. and Caldwell Dr., Post Rd. and Fowley Park Trail and Oakhaven Dr. and Ashwood Terrace (near Ecole Forest Trail).

The new crossing guards are required as the town grows and new schools are opened. The addition of each new guard costs an average of $15,000 and the funding for each of the cross guard locations will be paid for in the 2024 budget.

Review for putting crossing guards at Post Rd. and Fowley Dr. and Oakhaven Dr. and Pine Glen Rd. were also conducted, but town staff felt they were not warranted at this time.

Annual Monitoring will be maintained and included in next year’s assessment process to determine if the crossing guard location at McCraney St. and Oxford Ave. continues to be needed.

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