Derry Green Business Park hits milestone on way to becoming key economic force in Milton


Published April 15, 2023 at 10:00 am

One of the main hubs of economic growth in Milton has reached a milestone.

The Derry Green Business Park, south of Hwy. 401 and east of the James Snow Pkwy., is developing in three phases that roughly correspond to its western, eastern and northern sections respectively.

Phase 1 (west) has reached a key milestone with 60 per cent of the land achieving the necessary development approvals. This is important because it acts as the catalyst for utility servicing and development approvals to commence in Phase 2 (east), which will focus on a mix of small and large bay industrial units, service commercial, and prestige office space.

“Derry Green Business Park is one of the Town’s economic engines, providing key employment land opportunities near major transit corridors,” said Mayor Gord Krantz.

“This business park is a prime example of how Milton is growing in a deliberate manner by building the right uses in the right places. It is exciting to see Derry Green enter Phase 2 of its development, and we thank the occupants, staff and partners who continue to invest in Milton.”

Phase 1 construction activity is underway, with businesses taking occupancy in the community.

Confirmed occupants at Derry Green Phase 1 are among Milton’s largest employers including DSV, Lululemon, Rockwool, Princess Auto, Lowe’s, Edgewell, and General Mills

Phase 1 will continue until completion, with a focus on larger scale industrial uses such as logistics, supply chain and distribution.

“Derry Green’s development will focus on creating quality of place, so that employees can benefit from amenities such as green space and trail systems,” said a Town spokesperson.

For Phase 2, one of the biggest developments will also house the future TAKOL/CMCC Capital Funds site, which is planning to build 67 small-bay industrial condo units in a 420,000 sq.-ft. development called Milton Gates Business Park.

This will provide space to niche small and medium-size businesses, predominantly for ancillary support of the area’s larger logistics and manufacturing businesses.

Derry Green will host much of Milton’s employment growth in the years ahead in sectors such as innovative logistics, advanced manufacturing, green technology and smaller flexible office units.

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