Do ghostly figures still occupy an old Oakville farmhouse?


Published May 7, 2023 at 8:40 am

Once home to the Breckon family, the Spruce Lane Farmhouse at Bronte Creek Provincial Park has had several strange activities take place there over the years, including visitors seeing ghostly figures and hearing mysterious footsteps. TOWN OF OAKVILLE PHOTO

Henry Breckon and his family once called the Spruce Lane Farmhouse in Oakville home.

Built in 1899 and located amongst thick century-old maple trees in Bronte Provincial Park, the sprawling Victorian farmhouse was home to the Breckons until the 1950s.

Though Henry, who lived there with his wife Margaret and their children, Christine, Alice and Gordon, would die in 1931.

While that was well over 90 years ago, there are those who believe the Breckon family still occupy the old home which to this day is still decorated in its original style.

Visitors to the farmhouse over the years have claimed to hearing strange activity such as mysterious footsteps, doors locking on their own and even appearances of ghostly figures.

Unexplained occurrences have also included noises of playing in the hall, people disagreeing over the placement of the silverware in the dining room.

No one is certain who exactly haunts the Spruce Lane Farmhouse, but many are convinced that ghosts occupy the Breckon’s old family home.

There have been those who have looked to certify their appearance. The old home has been investigated by the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society and was even showcased on two episodes of YTV’s Ghost Trackers back in the early 2000s.

Some believe that it’s Henry’s ghost that now occupies the home. There have been no reports of how he died, except that his body was laid out in the front parlour of the home for the wake.

There are even some people who say the ghost is that of a friendly person and is friendly to those who drop in.

Visitors can see for themselves. The Park is open at different times throughout the year and who knows what they’ll see or experience.

You can also take part in Ghost Walks that are held at the home every August.

Who knows, you might even be able to say hello to Henry.

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