Do You Need Money for A Community Project in Burlington?


Perhaps it’s a park, a garden, or a playground … information sessions are being held for Burlington residents who have ideas for improving the community.

You can receive up to $5,000 for projects in your community or neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Community Matching fund has been created to inspire Burlington residents to actively champion small projects in the community to improve, build and strengthen Burlington and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Bringing neighbourhoods and communities together to make new connections and create a sense of belonging is just as important as the project itself, says the city.  

The funds’ objectives are defined as follows:  

  • Improve, build and strengthen Burlington neighbourhoods.
  • Create a greater sense of belonging.
  • Foster individual well-being and community pride.
  • Inspire residents to become more actively involved in the community.
  • Build stronger relationships.

The Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund allows neighbourhood and community groups to initiate, manage and implement projects that make a difference to the neighbourhood or community group.

Approved projects receive up to 50 per cent of the funding for the project from the city.

The neighbourhood or community group would match this funding with an equal contribution made up through any combination of volunteer hours, donated service, donated materials and supplies or other funds raised, such as cash donations.


Up to $5,000 in funding is available to support your project when matched with equal contribution.  Volunteer time, materials, donated service and cash all count towards the match.

Here are a few project ideas to get you started:

  • Enhance a park or playground.
  • Create an urban activity centre.
  • Create a mural or structure.
  • Plant a community garden.
  • Protect or restore a natural resource.
  • Create an art project.
  • Organize a neighbourhood recognition program.
  • Co-ordinate a community workshop.

Funding will not support:

  • Festivals, events or block parties.
  • Existing programs and services are not eligible for funding.
  • Replicate an existing public or private project or fund projects that are already in the planning stages or will be implemented by another public or private group.
  • Reimburse organizations’ operating expenses not directly linked to the awarded project.
  • Pay for expenses or financial commitments made prior to grant approval.
  • Cover alcohol, tobacco or gambling expenses.
  • Support fundraising for the project. Funds must go to project directly.
  • Fund projects on private property.
  • Purchase land or buildings.
  • Pay for travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Replace lost funding or cover gaps from other funding sources.
  • Pay for marketing or advertising.
  • Educational projects (school teach curriculum or train the trainers type activities).
  • Health care projects.
  • Website development or apps.

Eligible applicants

The Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund is available to:

Any informal, unofficial or formal community based organizations, not-for-profit, and grassroots groups.

School boards or business groups may apply in partnership with a neighbourhood and community group or student group as a sponsor and the city will liaise with the project lead who must be from the community.

Priority for applications will be provided to new groups or groups that have not received funding within the last five years.

Ineligible applicants

The Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund is not available to:


Projects that received funds through the city’s budget process or any other city grant programs.

Social service agencies.

For profit companies. Note: Businesses can sponsor a project or apply in partnership with a not-for-profit organization.

Organizations outside of City of Burlington.

Government agencies.

Schools and school boards (Note: may apply in partnership - see above).

Political groups including ward councillors.

You can join the information session to learn more.

The event is taking place at City Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 22 from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Room 247.

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