Visitors say ghostly image still haunts downtown Oakville park


Published May 1, 2023 at 4:50 pm

Drop by Dingle Park in downtown Oakville later in the evening and you just may see a little girl dancing upon the rocks along the shore of Lake Ontario. TOWN OF OAKVILLE PHOTO

There aren’t many more popular spots to grab a fantastic view of the Toronto skyline and the waters of Lake Ontario than downtown Oakville’s Dingle Park.

Drop by there later in the evening though and you may find yourself watching a little girl dancing upon the rocks along the shore of Dingle Park.

Or did you really see that?

For years now park patrons have spoken of seeing the ghost of a girl dancing along the rocks at night. The spirit is believed to be that of a young girl’s ghost who drowned in the lake many years ago.

Located at the corner of Dunn and Front Street, the small downtown park, the park was once a popular swimming hole where residents from the town would gather to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Unfortunately, over the years several people would lose their lives in the cold waters of Lake Ontario alongside the small Oakville park.

In this case, the story begins with a young family visiting the park on a hot Sunday afternoon after a stop at a nearby tea shop.

Looking to cool off, the family took their three-year-old daughter for a swim in the Lake Ontario waters. The visit would end up tragically as the young girl drowned.

Over the years, some of the patrons who have stopped by the park later in the evening say they witnessed a young girl’s ghost dancing along the rocks near the water.

Reports are that eyewitness accounts of this ghost also match up. That the girl was barefoot and wet, as if she had just come out of the water.

So on your next visit to Dingle Park, and if it’s a little later in the evening, don’t be surprised to see a little girl dancing happily along the rocks.

You may not be the only one taking in the spectacular view.

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