Downtown Towne Square getting a ‘facelift,’ says Oakville Mayor


Published May 11, 2023 at 4:06 pm

The Oakville Towne Square located downtown has become a popular gathering spot for residents and visitors alike over the years. The area is being rebuilt to reflect the character of the vibrant downtown. NAK DESIGN STRATEGIES IMAGE

Drive into downtown Oakville on a warm summer day and amongst the various shops and boutiques you’ll notice an open space on the south side filled with residents and visitors alike.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Oakville Towne Square has become a lively gathering space where the public can take in a myriad of planned events or just sit down and enjoy the surrounding greenery.

“We even added ‘e’ to the word Town to sound very old timey,” Oakville Mayor Rob Burton told’s Khaled Iwamura in their monthly video chat.

Residents will be pleased to know that the popular small public square, located near Lakeshore Dr. and George St., is getting a new look.

“Everybody has decided its eligible for a facelift, so over the next year or two we’re going to be rebuilding it,” Burton told Iwamura.

The Towne Square, Burton says, is around 30 years old. NAK Design Strategies, based out of Toronto, has been hired by the Town of Oakville to transform the Square to be modern, functional and to reflect the character of the vibrant downtown.

“There’s a patch of grass for dogs and kids to roll around on, judged by what they do, and a space that can be programmed with small scale music and sort of a court-yard effect of restaurants, and then condos behind and above,” Burton said of the current space. “It’s a lovely spot and a bit of a gathering spot.”

The comfortable gathering area is surrounded by shops, patios, the lake shore and other forms of entertainment, enhancing the experience.

Over the years it has also played host to farmers’ markets, charity events and other large functions.

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