Driver faces multiple charges after flicking cigarette butt: Halton police


In case you didn’t know by now, flicking your cigarette butt out of your car window is against the law.

One driver apparently not-so-subtly learned the hard way.

Halton police officer Marc Taraso took to Twitter after an incident on Bronte Rd, in which he claims a vehicle cut in front of his cruiser before flicking their cigarette butt out the window.

According to Taraso, the dominos then begin to fall as it was discovered that the alleged offender was driving without insurance and with obstructed plates, which had expired in 2014.

Taraso tweeted that the driver had his plates seized and the vehicle towed.

In 2010, the Ontario Highway Traffic Act was amended with the Cigarette and Cigar Butt Litter Prevention Act:

Every person who throws, tosses, drops or deposits or causes to be dropped or deposited any glass, nails, tacks or scraps of metal or any rubbish, refuse, waste, cigarette butts, cigarettes, cigar butts, cigars or litter upon, along or adjacent to a highway, except in receptacles provided for the purpose, is guilty of the offence of littering the highway.”

Offenders can be fined up to $3,000.

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