Driver of noisy car ticketed as cops in Burlington not fooled by excuses


Published February 8, 2024 at 10:51 pm

Halton Regional Police hear a lot of excuses when they pull over a driver for a traffic violation but often the so-called facts turn out to be fiction.

A vehicle stopped in Burlington yesterday (Feb. 8) provides a case in point.

“Officer I hit a pothole and it damaged my muffler, that’s why my car is loud,” is what a driver told police after getting pulled over on Brant St. near Hazelton Blvd.

The cops weren’t buying it, however.

Upon further investigation, the officers found had been modified the make the car sound louder.

“Musta been some pothole. Looks like it removed your muffler and installed straight pipes,” was the facetious response provided by police.

The unnamed offender was issued $220 in tickets for not having a proper muffler and making unnecessary noise.

There are many reasons why car owners modify their exhaust systems. Most do so to increase performance, but others just like the sensation of power created with a louder vehicle that comes with an altered muffler.

In Ontario, it is illegal to make modifications to an exhaust system that will increase noise.




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