Eclipse viewing party at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington on April 8


Published March 20, 2024 at 2:52 pm

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Photo: Canadian Space Agency

Burlington is hosting a solar eclipse watching party when the rare event passes almost directly over most of the city on April 8.

“Residents are invited to join Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and members of Council at Spencer Smith Park to witness the total solar eclipse,” said a City spokesperson.

The total solar eclipse, where the moon completely covers the sun, will be visible throughout Burlington, offering a unique opportunity to observe this natural wonder. The eclipse will begin at 2:04 p.m. and last until 4:31 p.m. The moon will fully cover the sun around 3:18 p.m. resulting in a brief period of darkness.

“This is a rare natural marvel that is absolutely outstanding and indescribable with many of us never getting the chance to experience it, and this year, it’s in our backyard,” said Meed Ward.

“We know many members of our community will likely come down to Spencer Smith Park anyways to get as clear a view of the eclipse as possible and by having the City host an event there, we can also tie in some safety measures.”

It is not safe to look at the sun without eclipse glasses, however. Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes. Looking at even a small sliver before or after the eclipse without eye protection can be harmful to your vision.

Here are some tips to view the event:

Glasses with specialized filters adhering to the ISO 12312-2 international standard can be worn to prevent eye damage

Glasses should be inspected for wrinkles or scratches ahead of use and should not be used if damaged or scratched.

Ensure eclipse glasses fully cover your field of vision.

Children should be supervised during the eclipse as they may not fully comprehend the risks involved.

For further safety tips, visit the City website here.

To help prepare spectators for this event, the City has partnered with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at McMaster University to distribute eclipse glasses for free on the day of the event, while supplies last.

Solar viewing glasses are also available for free at the Tourism Burlington Visitor Centre, while supplies last.

Glasses will be handed out by City staff beginning at 11 a.m.

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