Changing Climate in Northern Canada

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre

2302 Bridge Rd
Oakville, Ontario

Are you curious about how climate change is impacting Canadian communities?

Join the Halton Environmental Network and the Halton Climate Collective at Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural and Community Centre on Thursday November 28th from 7-8:30 pm to discuss how climate change has impacted Canadian forests, agriculture and food security. 

We are pleased to welcome presenter David Bysouth, a local Oakville resident, currently pursuing his PhD in integrative biology at Guelph University. After completing a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from McMaster University and an M.Sc. in Earth Science from the University of Toronto, David developed an interest in how climate change impacts ecosystems as a whole and how it can change the resilience of these ecosystems.

David will speak about his work assessing landscape sustainability under the changing climate. Specifically, David will tell us how small-scale agriculture in Canadian communities can build resilience into the boreal forest, and sequester carbon.

There will also be local environmental agencies present to discuss the work they do, and encourage local residents to get involved in conservation efforts. 

Whether you are a concerned citizen, an avid grower, or a curious student, we hope to see you on Thursday November 28th for this exciting talk!


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