Featured Future Pet: "Cuddly" Blackie


Name: Blackie

Age: 1 year (neutered male)

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Personality: Affectionate and sweet

Ideal home: A family that will give Blackie plenty of attention and love

What Blackie has to say:

"My name is Blackie and I might be shy at first, but once you start petting my head I will melt your heart.  I might drool a bit but that’s only because I’m happy!  My butt also likes to bounce up and down when you call me a pretty boy!  I am FIV+ which means my immune system is a little more compromised than an average kitty but I can still have a long healthy life. I don’t need any medication for this.  FIV cats can live with other friendly non-FIV cats as transmission is only through deep bite wounds (not by sharing bowls or kisses). Come to BHS to meet me and learn more about FIV! Meow!"

You can visit Blackie at the Burlington Humane Society located at 740 Griffith Ct, Burlington, ON. You can also call (905) 637-7325 or visit online.

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