Dangerous kite games pose problem for Oakville


Published June 19, 2023 at 4:10 pm

The Town of Oakville is set to look at the costs of a public education campaign to promote safety in the parks and proper disposal of kite strings. PEXELS PHOTO

The Town of Oakville is considering a public education campaign warning residents of the dangers of kite strings and their improper disposal in local parks.

Town Council will discuss the matter at a meeting tonight (June 18) and request the Parks and Open Space Department provide the cost for the implementation of a public education campaign to promote safety in the parks and proper disposal of kite strings.

The information is outlined in a Fighting Kites report provided by the Municipal Services department earlier this month.

Council is also being asked to confirm acceptance of the proposed changes to the Lot Maintenance By-law 2017-008, dealing with Fighting Kite String on Private Property, included in a separate report on tonight’s Council agenda.

Kite string can cause injuries ranging from laceration injuries to lethal throat lacerations. Secondary impact injuries where strings get wrapped around a person’s feet, leading to falling, also occur, as well as causing fracture of extremities or head and eye injuries.

Kite strings can also conduct electricity and cause serious injury or death.

Six people died at an Indian Kite festival in January of this year after sharpened strings cut throats.

Two toddlers and a young child were among those who horrifically died after their necks were slit by a “glass encrusted” kite strings at the fest in India.

One of the biggest events on the Indian calendar sees people get together to fly their kites on the streets and rooftops. Up to 176 people were injured in the “kite fights,” where the aim is sever the kite strings of other opponents.

The dangerous kite strings are often coated with glass powder, or even lined with metal, making them extremely sharp.

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