A unique restaurant - that was one of a kind in Oakville - has shuttered its doors for good.

Ristorante Julia, known as Julia’s, has been sold.

Bad news, everyone ... a popular Italian restaurants in Burlington has officially closed.

For those of you who love square-shaped treats …

Bad news.

A unique and very popular bakery is shuttering its doors in Oakville for good after seven years in the business.

Bad news, everyone … one of the most beloved sushi restaurants in Oakville is closing its doors on Thursday.

Lunch was the last meal being served on Nov. 30. 

So we've got bad news and good news: a popular Oakville restaurant has closed but a very hot dining option has moved in.

One of Oakville’s most well-known watering holes has shut down — doors were shuttered last week in Bronte, where news of the Coach & Four closing caught many residents and long-time patrons of

A popular south Oakville sports bar has shuttered its doors for good.

If you have a thing for small plates - or sangria - you’re about to catch a case of the feels.

A popular downtown Oakville restaurant has closed its doors for good.

Italian food lovers, prepare to weep.

A popular Burlington restaurant - which has been around for more than 10 years - has officially shuttered its doors for good.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for retail fans and even worse news for tea fans.

Another store, it seems, has bit the dust.