If you regularly shop at a well-known discount shoe store, you will be unhappy to hear that the ailing brand is closing all of its brick and mortar stores (and winding down its e-commerce presence)

It's always hard to say goodbye, and sadly we have to bid farewell to an Indian restaurant in the Town of Oakville.

Those who frequent Oakville Place regularly may have noticed that one of the shopping centre's restaurants has closed down.

Sadly, just before the holiday season went into full swing we said farewell to a beloved eatery in the Town of Oakville.

The Halton Region is blessed with some incredible restaurants but every once and awhile one of these astonishing establishments will close its doors.

There are many restaurants across the Halton Region where you can find fresh and authentic Italian cooking.

Another sad Oakville closing. 

A popular grocery store in Oakville will be closing just before the New Year hits. 

It's always sad to learn about restaurants closing in the Halton Region. 

With that being said, we have some unfortunate news ... a popular cafe in Oakville has shut down 

Another brick and mortar retailer will no longer be with us.

If you love to shop for home decor, you might be sad to hear that two more brick and mortar chains—chains which were once popular and common sights in GTA power centres and shopping malls—are in