Popular health retailer GNC recently announced that has filed for ban

Nando's Canada, which specializes in peri-peri chicken, recently announced that it will be closing 21 underperforming locations over the coming weeks. 

It's always hard to say goodbye when a restaurant in the region closes, and just last week Burlington had to bid farewell to one of its Irish restaurants and pubs.

It’s always sad to see restaurants close down, and unfortunately a popular restaurant in Burlington recently closed its doors.

It's hard for any brick and mortar retailer to stick around at a time when e-commerce is making it more difficult for more traditional brands to stay competitive.

It’s a very sad day for some restaurant-goers in Oakville’s Bronte Harbour.

If you regularly shop at a well-known discount shoe store, you will be unhappy to hear that the ailing brand is closing all of its brick and mortar stores (and winding down its e-commerce presence)

It's always hard to say goodbye, and sadly we have to bid farewell to an Indian restaurant in the Town of Oakville.

Those who frequent Oakville Place regularly may have noticed that one of the shopping centre's restaurants has closed down.

Sadly, just before the holiday season went into full swing we said farewell to a beloved eatery in the Town of Oakville.