Most Canadians (or perhaps just Ontarians) are aware that Pearson International Airport is the biggest airport in Canada and the second busiest in all of North America (it welcomed 50 million passe

Here's some exciting news if you've got a young hockey fan at home who loves Timmies.

Winter is over, spring is here, and ice cream season is near.

If you’ve been craving Dairy Queen ice cream recently, we have some exciting news. 

Back in February of this year, inhalton reported that a popular poop-themed restaurant was setting

Halal burgers, shawarma wraps, falafel wraps, and poutine are just a few things customers can indulge in at this Mediterranean restaurant that recently opened in Oakville.

Broth, noodles, herbs, sprouts, and a variety of different meats. So simple but so amazingly delicious! Pho is a Vietnamese street food that has taken the world by storm.

PHOTOS: Sneak Peek at the Food District in Square One

The Food District opening is so close we can taste it.

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of March 24 to March 30 based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

For those who constantly struggle with deciding whether they want to have dinner or jump right to dessert, things are about to get a lot easier.

Eating cookie dough, as opposed to just waiting for the actual cookie, may seem like something that only kids would do, however, it is a lot more common than you’d think.