Do you scream for a cold ice cream-like treat that evokes images of a golden Tuscan village or bustling Venetian street?

It’s true that the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) is something of a fall icon.

Whether it’s dark, milk, white, or some type of hybrid combining all things chocolaty, Burlington has some yummy places to hit that craving. We all know Count Chocula was a legit boss …

Climb out of your igloo - something big is happening at Tim Hortons.

Have you been in the mood for exceptional calamari and haven’t been quite sure where to go to get it?

There’s gnocchi, and then there are other superfluous pasta items on the menu at seemingly all of the best restaurants in Oakville.

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of Aug. 11 - Aug. 17 based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

Cheesy, piled high with toppings, and melt-in-your-mouth good - who doesn’t love pizza?

An entire pack of gum was consumed during this sampling of Burlington’s finest chicken shawarma sandwiches.

This. Is. Even. More. Exciting.

One of my most favourite places in Halton is teaming up with two major grocery chains for an array of heavenly treats.