Four dwellings on a single lot approved for Burlington neighbourhoods


Published November 21, 2023 at 11:02 pm

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In a move to increase the city’s housing stock Burlington has approved a plan that will allow four dwellings on a single property.

This means that homeowners can now add up to three extra living spaces on their property by way of an addition, in the basement, on top of a garage or through a new structure in the backyard. The units can be self-contained with their own kitchens, bathrooms and sleeping areas.

But before Burlington residents call in a contractor, the City still has to iron out the details of how the program will work.

Under the new rules, some homes may not qualify based on zoning regulations or other technical and structural conditions.

In coming up with the plan Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte admitted that “it may come as a big surprise to residents” but it is something that must be done in an area that is in the midst of a housing crisis.

Stolte said the concept is not unique and is growing in popularity across the country as municipalities scramble to meet the needs of those in search of affordable housing.

Calling it “sensitive infill housing,” Stolte said if done right these additional units should go largely unnoticed.

“It’s creating housing that doesn’t dramatically change neighbourhoods,” she told adding these additional units would be cost-effective rentals or places where multi-generational families can reside.

With Burlington committing to build 29,000 housing units by 2031, Stolte said this plan is not the solution to the pledge but a step in the right direction. She said not everyone can afford a new house or a condo and these types of residential units can fill the need of many in search of an affordable place to live.

She said parking and infrastructure requirements still have to be worked out and concerns that these units will not be turned into short-term rentals like AirBnBs have to be addressed. She said there will be public engagement to discuss the matter before the units begin to appear.

Stolte is also hopeful the plan will also add much-needed cash to Burlington coffers. Under a federal government grant program, Burlington could be eligible for $44 million in funding to create housing that has so far been contingent on allowing these extra units.




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