Frost warning has Burlington, Oakville residents scrambling to save flowers and tomatoes


Published May 17, 2023 at 4:28 pm

A frost advisory issued by Environment Canada has forced Burlington and Oakville residents back into their gardens today (May 17) to save their plants.

The advisory warns that widespread frost is expected along lakefront communities overnight and into early Thursday as temperatures are expected to drop to near or below the freezing mark.

While stores have been stocking garden products for the past week, those who have ignored traditional planting dates (most usually wait until the May long weekend) may pay a heavy price for getting their plants and flowers into the ground too early.

“Some plants may be damaged or even destroyed by frost,” the advisory warns.

The warning has sent gardeners into a tizzy trying to save their impatiens and vegetables.

“I kept telling my neighbours don’t do it, it’s too early to plant,” one Oakville resident stated via social media this afternoon. “Now I see them out there scratching their heads wondering what to do. Some have even started digging them up to bring them inside.”

Environment Canada suggests that you get out there and cover up your freshly planted items or bring them indoors if they are not yet in the ground. The government agency says that even frost-sensitive perennials and trees may be affected.


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